Pump it up! Review – Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump

Because my latest acquisition was a clitoral pump from the sex shop, I will start the first ever blog post with this. And note to self – before buying something that you’re never bought before, look at least at some pictures on the naughty internet so you get a good look at how it actually looks while it’s being used.

But first, let me talk a bit about my “land down under”. One of the most sensitive areas for me (besides my clitoris and vagina) is in fact the outer labia. Once arroused, they get swollen and become an amazing play zone for me. So naturally I should have considered getting a normal pussy pump, the classical one that only liers say they didn’t considered trying when seeing it in porn. But this one made me greedy, since it was dedicated to the MOST sensitive part down there. I payed about $40 for it which I think was an ok-ish price.

First thing i’ve noticed is that it’s pretty powerful. I felt a good grip that could get more powerful if I wanted to. It didn’t feel cheap, I hate that feeling when I hold a toy in my hand and the quality of the materials feels cheap. Here it wasn’t the case at all. Also, I liked the mechanics of it, the quick air release valve released the vacuum instantly and the sqeeze bulb made it simple to handle. The shape of it made it easy for me to place it on top of the clitorial area but it also cought in a little bit of my labia, which to be honest for me wasn’t ideal. It didn’t hurt or make me unconfortable, it just wasn’t focusing on the area that I was really aiming for – the magic bean.

The main idea of the clitorial pump is to leave the entrance to the vagina open, you know, to insert some stuff in there. But Mini made it a bit difficult for me to do that due to the fact that it covered a part of my labia as well and if I made any movement, the thing would just pop off.

After leaving it alone for about 5 minutes to do its job, I took it off and a half-swollen jujube was looking at me along with what it looked like a majestic pelt of swollen labia that was attached to its neck. The sensation itself was interesting, different from anything else I tried before but the shape of what came out was distracting me a bit.

When I touched my clitoris it felt more sensitive, more alive let’s say. I achieved orgasm by using a vibrator in the end while massaging my clitors. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that Mini has nothing to do with the orgasm itself, that part felt normal. It’s more dedicated to foreplay use (which unfortunately for me went off-road a bit due to the hick-ups with Mini).

I did a bit of research on the internet and the ladies from the manufacturing company (California Exotic Novelties) said that you can also use Mini on your nipples. For me it’s not really an “ohhh-yeah” area so when I tried it the only sensation I felt was actually discomfort. I’m not sure if I will use it so much in the future so I guess it will go back in my “happy drawer” for now. I’m sure other women will enjoy Mini, but this one is not for me.


My plan is to get one that looks like a tube. It looked interesting and I think that will satisfy me better. From what I saw, you can place it very precise around the clitoris and will be able to play with a toy inside my vagina at the same time.

Overall experience – 3/10
Use it again – meh
Best feature – it’s purple, I like purple

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