Pulsator story! Review – Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Let me start by saying I like quality stuff. Sorry, not like, LOVE! I just don’t like the feeling of a cheap material sex toy in my….. hands. That’s why all the lady in the sex shop I visit often looks at me like I’m an awkward woman, running around in the store, picking up dildos, vibrators and other gadgets, touching them, measuring them and even smelling the material they are made of and cringing from time to time when I don’t like something. And yes, I smell sex toys, not because I have a fetish regarding that, it’s just that if I feel any weird smell coming from something I’m sticking inside my vagina in the best moment of my day it throws off my game.

I saw this little devil in the store for the first time back in 2015. When I picked it up from the shelf I thought it’s just one of those vibrators that wants you to think you’re screwing a cute alien due to it’s futuristic design, but when I turned it on I made a face that my husband (Erik) describes it as “epic”. It was pulsating! Felt I had discovered the secret of eternal life or something, and I wanted to try it right away. There were three models that I could chose from, so I got the one with a ribbed design. I got it even though my wallet hurt a little bit afterwards – it is priced at $160. But hey, it was close to Christmas and I said why the hell not. Also I’m a fan of a principle: I’m too poor to afford cheap things.

So, let’s get technical a little bit. First thing I liked about it is that it is made from a “cool material”, later on I actually read about it and it’s called medical-grade silicone, harmless to the body and odorless. Second thing I noticed is that it was heavy, felt strong in my hand if that makes sense. What that means is that you can actually lay back and let the toy do all the work for you. It said it had gentle to powerful stimulation, and by looking at it was pretty simple to use (On/Off switch, plus and minus buttons, 4 rhythms and 6 intensities). It’s made in Germany, so…. yeah. Should be damn good only for that reason I guess… Aaaaaaand it can be used for anal pleasure. One little mention before I move on – wasn’t thinking about my own anal pleasure, but I’ll get to that a bit later.

Now, let’s get practical. First time I tried it out it was together with my husband, I wanted to be spoiled. And boy, was I! We started to kiss and touch each other softly, gently, like we always do. We were building up that amazing adrenaline both from the fact that we really desire each other and from the idea of trying something new. He LOVES to play with me! For me it is important that I’m at the right point in the build-up before using a toy, makes me abandon myself totally to whatever my husband wants to do to me and makes the whole experience amazing for both of us. If i get pleasure he gets pleasure and vice-versa.

He started the toy first at a low thrust, letting me digest every new sensation that the pulsator was offering. It felt like I had two persons that were interested in giving me pleasure, not really like a threesome, but something even more intimate. Because it was heavy enough to stay inside me by itself and at the same time thrust independently, Erik had his hands free, to touch my clitoris, to caress my breasts, or (why not?) to play with himself while I was watching him. The texture and shape for me were perfect – a little bit bent so it can touch my g-spot and the size of it was ideal. The wide end made it really interesting for me since the thrusts were rubbing against my clit as well. The best orgasms that I had were with clitoral stimulation and penetration at the same time.

I was laying on my back while the toy was giving me amazing sensations. I told Erik to take the toy and play with me without the pulsations. I wanted to know how the toy feels by itself and on a faster, more deeper penetration. I can tell you this, my first orgasm was an explosion. I told him to keep going, I wanted more. It felt so good and I didn’t want it to stop. I came three times while Erik was playing with me. After I had enough of the toy I invited him inside me and I had my fourth orgasm with him.

The next part will be about Erik and how he tried it on himself. Yes – we both do anal. Yes – he loves it. Yes – I get very turned on from that! And yes – we share toys sometimes because we are extremely careful when it comes to hygiene. I asked him to do it himself so I don’t hurt him by accident, since the toy was bigger than what he normally was used to. So he went to the bathroom with the toy and after a few minutes I got a message on my phone that I had to share. I started to laugh and right after that I got a selfie with him while using it. That was one of the most hottest images I’ve ever seen with him.

This was one of the best investments ever for both of us. One more time it has been confirmed to me that if I will get a high-end toy I will only be pleasantly surprised. I’m going to look more into the Fun Factory stuff, they be dope!

Overall experience – 9/10

Use it again – dooh

Best feature – it exists

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