DevotionalPlay.com is a dedication to our pleasure, me and my husband’s. It’s a blog about our personal experiences down the road of discovering more about our sexual drive, both individually and together, by using and testing out all things that the modern times can offer us – but mainly sex toys.

Another reason behind this is the fact that we like to learn, and we want to become a better version of ourselves. We enjoy photography, video and photo editing. We wanted to create stuff and call it our own.

We write articles about what we use to spice up our sex life, trying at the same time to give it an “oomph” by adding an artistic sense to them. The readers can get a sense of how a sex toy might feel and look from pictures while being used. That was a thing that we wanted to see when researching on what “bedroom hardware” to get.

This blog was born from our desire to grow, to expand our hobbies, to discover where our limits are and if we do have any, to live new and interesting moments together and (probably one of the most important things) to share it with people interested in doing the same.